It was our idea to pass on the project to other groups from the moment we have started the project. The only frame we have set for our project was the following: Andreas did the black and white studio portraits and Tobias did the color photos in the portrayed favorite location. Like this you always have two different views from two different photographers of one person.

It was important to us that the portrayed do decide the person to follow them. This way the viewer and we can now see in a impressive and interesting way the personal network of the portrayed participants.

We finalized our project with the exhibition and a book. It is our whish to fin as many people continuing realizing the project.

It is pretty time consuming project but if several photographers share the work (eg. 11 photographers photograph 9 people each) the amount of time used for each photographer can be cut down.

It is important for us that the project is passed on as soon as the series is complete and we have to get informed about it.

Completed projects will be presented on our webpage and included in the final exhibition. Ten years after the presentation of our Basel project, we plan to have a big group exhibition with all works from all over the world created between 2011 and 2021.

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to become part of the project.

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