A photo project by Andreas and Tobias Voegelin

The photo project “neunundneunzig unbekannte Bekannte” (ninety-nine unknown acquaintances) has been set off in February 2009 in Basel (Switzerland). In February 2011 the public presentation of all the photos in an exhibition and with an exclusive 224-pages book with explanation texts by David Wohnlich and Boris Schibler.

The goal of the project was to portray 99 people using one black and white studio portrait and one color photo of the portrayed person’s favorite location. Each portrayed chooses the next person to be portrayed the same way.

After 99 portraits the project is passed over to another city. Other photographers, groups or photographic schools can then take over the project and start with a new series of  double portraits. The concept of the photos, the exhibition and the book should be adapted on future projects.

Our long terms goal is to organize a big exhibition of all projects in 2021. The more projects worldwide realized, the bigger the view on our world in one decade.