Andreas F. Voegelin (*1954, †2013) trained as a professional photograper at the “Fachklasse für Fotografie” at the KGS Zurich. He started working self-employed in his own studio in Basel. His main focus in his work was portrait, architectural, art and advertisement photograpy. 1995 Andreas F. Voegelin was honored with the yearly art price by the community of Riehen endowed at CHF 15’000.

Since 2001 Andreas F. Voegelin is head of the photography department at the museum of antiques, Basel.

Tobias Voegelin (1987) got an education as electrician. He works lighting technician at the theater Basel. Staying at his father’s studio was part of his life since his childhood. In 2002 he completed his first published photo project called “Fototermin” with his friends Nicolai Diamant and Tobias Wipfli. Next to his job at the theater he does photo jobs and assistances on photo projects.

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